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  • Katerine Chung Chen

North Korea Strikes


In spring of 2020, North Korea will be added to the list of countries with nuclear atomic bombs. For the past few years North Korea have been trying to create missile for “military reasons.” This summer, they had their fifth nuclear test at Pyongyang. It is threatening not only because the country is slowly mastering atomic weaponry, but because it is making headway in developing missiles that could hurl nuclear warheads halfway around the globe, endangering Washington, DC and New York City. According to analysts and military officials, the missiles are small, fast, light, and surprisingly advanced. John Schilling, an aerospace engineer and expert on North Korea’s missile program, said in an interview on Friday, “This isn’t something that can be ignored anymore. It’s going to be a high priority for the next president.” Military experts say that by 2020, Pyongyang will most likely have the skills to make a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile topped by a nuclear warhead. They also expect that by then, North Korea may have accumulated enough nuclear material to build up to 100 warheads.


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