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  • Dexter Hom

Try Boba!

In the last decade, boba has become extremely popular in SF. Whether it is called boba, tapioca drinks, or bubble milk tea, this beverage is loved by the public. If you haven't seen already, many people drink milk tea with small edible brown balls in them. These are known as tapioca drinks. Tapioca drinks involve either juice or tea with tapioca balls on the bottom. Tapioca, or boba, gift a fresh drink with a chewiness that most drinks don't have. Many people enjoy this drink and boba even got its own national holiday on June 28th of every year. Boba started off as a Taiwanese drink in the 80’s and later became popular in the East. When this Taiwanese drink first made its way to the states, it was mostly a drink you could get with your meal at Asian restaurants. Now it's grown to the point that boba places are everywhere around the country, especially San Francisco. So, if you love Asian food and drinks and are looking for something new to try this summer, try boba! There are lots of great places around SF to quench your thirst this summer.

Source: Bin Chen

Places I’d recommend would be Super Cue Cafe, Purple Kow, Boba Guys, and Tpumps. These places have great tasting boba and good tea drinks as well, making the tapioca drink an excellent combination. These spots may be crowded during the summer, but it is definitely worth the wait to try and experience boba drinks.


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