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International Women's Day

 March 8th is International Women's Day. This holiday is a celebration of the worldwide success of women, and the evolution of how women are treated, viewed as, and what they're rights are. Over the years women have made many achievements, which nowadays seem like normalities for us. 1920's women fought for their right to vote like men could, and won these rights. Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man in a bus, later on equality on buses were stabilized and women and men of color were allowed to sit wherever they wanted. In 1996, the National Organization for Women was founded, this organization was founded to allow women to be able to fully participate and be treated as part of the American Society like men were allowed to. In 1994, the Congress passed a new law that prevented violence against women. These are just 4 examples of things that have happened in the

history of women. The point of March 8th is for women from all social, political, ethnicity, race, and diversity groups to come together, celebrate and appreciate the role of women today. The reason National Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year is because in Soviet Russia, women earned their right to vote on this day in 1917. 

As a teenage woman in the 2000's, I have learned about all of women's achievement's and found myself to live in a very advanced and privileged time for women. However being a Hispanic woman in the US, has brought me pride towards my country. Not only this, but being a Hispanic woman has brought a lot of negative comments from ignorant people, I do not let these comments define who I am or who I will be, because I know who I am. Growing up I saw multiple things, I saw LGBTQ people get shamed, and later on saw them gain their right to be married all over the US, in 2015. I saw that these women and men struggled a lot during their teenage lives, because of all the pressure and the judgements that came with Identifying who you were, and who you loved publicly. Later on, more people gained their pride in being transgender and accepting this publicly. I know a lot of transgender women, who

 struggled a lot with being who they were because of the hate they would receive. Some women had an easier path to identifying themselves as transgender women, but this wasn't the case for many. My opinion on coming out as transgender; I think we all have the right to be who we want to be and to choose to be or not to be who we were imponed to be by our families, and society itself. I think, that this journey is hard, and I have full respect and appreciation as well as worship for the transgender women and men, who had the courage to come out and change their bodies, and confidence to keep up with their life choice. 

This March 8th, if you are a woman celebrate yourself and your personal achievements. If you are a man, celebrate your favorite woman and make her feel appreciated for her accomplishments. 

Enjoy your International Women’s Day! 

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