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49er 2020 Season

If you have read the previous articles on niner games I cover, you would know I cover every game. But I have not said anything about the last 2 games. Specifically on Washington and the Cowboys. The real reason is that I would have almost nothing to add to the losses that weren’t already apparent from watching the game. We still have a good O-Line, a QB problemo, and plenty of injuries. It became apparent the only people fighting out on the field were the star players on defense and the few WR and RB’s we have still on the field. Here is a little summary of each game.

Against Washington, we basically had a lacking defensive back, specifically the problem of Sherman playing zone only. He is a great player but a problem as he only plays zone and doesn’t seem to want to change because Saleh makes a defense around his players on not necessarily the needs of the plays or the game. Sherman as one of the star players is basically handed zone every time but does not even go for tackles instead is 10 yards off WR because he is playing for business and not for the game. He’d rather complain about his teammates than actually do anything himself. Of course, he does put in work but it is not enough for his big paycheck. O-Line is always getting Mullens hurt every time, man he is good, and props for getting up basically every time but he just kept getting sacked and fumbled because of the O-Line being as useful as a fork in soup. Our offense gets hurt all the time like Mostert and Deebo getting put back on IR.

With the recent Cowboys, it was the loss that cost us our place in the playoffs. It was a bad loss for the offense and defense. To the normal fan, it’d seem like a close game but it should have been in the bag but sadly our O-Line plays for the other team. Mullens got sacked and fumbled and had 2 interceptions. All 3, yes all 3 led to touchdowns. More than enough to skyrocket the Cowboys to victory. A problem our defense had no control over. Our defense was solid as always aside from Sherman and McGlinchey. Armstead, Ward, Warner, and about all the rest really shined, and sadly when Ward got injured with a very very scary concussion his replacement unknown bench player gave up a 46-yard pass that led to another touchdown. Mullens in the 4th got sacked and broke his elbow, so we are now at the end of the line with our QB’s. Beathard takes over and I have trust he will make things happen to like how he did in the last seconds with the hail mary touchdown for 50 yards. A beautiful throw and play even when Bourne had I believe 3-4 defenders on him.

So as I said that is the end of our season, we still got 2 more games. No playoffs or wildcard, but eyes open for the draft and see if Shanahan will draft the best QB for our team. Stay faithful always.


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