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49ers vs. Bills

Yesterday’s game was disappointing, to say the least. The Niners had a hard fought loss and the Bills move forward in the ranks. They are not many excuses or problems but the team’s efforts and outputs. However, there is just the fact we were in Arizona because of Santa Clara closing football games for COVID concerns. Other than that here is the overview of our team.

First I’ll start with our offense. It was good-ish. Mullens was working hard and making some good plays even after some scrambles which is new coming from Mullens a lowkey pocket player. But, this is because he was forced to because of the awful O-Line but I will get into that next. Next is the running backs that were basically non-existent, not on them but instead because Shanahan had no faith and left them after we struggled in the first 2. Receivers were getting locked down, kinda, in the first halves, it seemed like we even with 2 YAC Bros only made inches from shotguns. Kendrick Bourne. Aiyuk, Mostert, and Deebo all on the field together once again. We thought it was gonna be great but it was alright at best. They only really started making some yards in the garbage minutes.

O-Line was disgusting. There is no excuse it was awful and useless. I just kept seeing replays of Trent getting dusted by bigger men that just shoved him like dust. Mullens had to compensate and that was very damaging causing 2 interceptions.

The defense was bad. Linebackers were good but our fall backs were non-existent. We played zone man mash which was a bad idea. I can tell you why, and that is because of Sherman. Sherman is a pure zone coverage defense. I’m guessing Saleh had to scrap the man to man that was established as one of the best defenses in past games because Sherman was uncomfortable. So many times was Beasley wide open with 3 fallbacks (including Sherman) and he catches it and hits a big 50 yard play while Sherman points angrily. They need to bring Sherman down to safety and bring back the man to man coverage.

This game is yet another wake up call. We have no space for mistakes in the coming games if we want a place in the playoffs. The Niners got their chance, not it is time to take it and follow through strong. Stay faithful always.


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