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5 Movies To Watch This Christmas!

As Christmas begin to approach in the upcoming weeks there's something you can do to keep you cozy during wintery nights! As the snow approaches with upcoming wintery festivals. If you want to stay indoors and just watch the Christmas spirt pass by there are some movies I can recommend that keep you entertained during this Winter holiday!

5. Caroline:

Caroline is still one of the best classic movies out there as a genre as itself that explores really dark themes and cryptic horror from the audience. I think The reason why I love Caroline is because it starts out as innocent first but then It gradually becomes disturbing later on. Which will have Unique place in my heart.

4. The Grudge

I think the Grudge is one of the scariest movies I've ever watched, Even though I am a Horror Fanatic. Something about this series just really makes me uneasy to sleep at night. The series is combined with Horror and mystery which makes you guess what happened and how this curse is spread around. I think I love the series because of the Uneasy Atmosphere. I Think it’s a pretty cool movie.

3. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is probably One of my Favorite movies that was directed by the same person who directed Parasite. They really incorporated one of my favorite characters like Tilda Swinton Mostly well known in the series of Narnia as the White Witch. She becomes somewhat the one who tries to keep the train in order. I think the reason why I love this movie is because it's the battle between the rich and the poor. It's basically a bottle of class in a train and there's a lot of Symbolic meaning behind that.

2 Charlies Angel

.Another Movie that is probably one of my favorites is the 2003 movie Charlie's Angel. I think I loved it because of Lucy Liu. She was one of the few asian actors at the time that I felt was like “Omg! Someone who was like me on Screen!” Charlie's Angel the 2003 version really showcased 3 badass women who really showcased their skill on taking on bad guys while also being relatively funny! They also had big personalities that made them stand out from one another.

Howls Moving Castle

1.My number one movie that I really enjoyed watching is probably Studio Ghibli movies specifically Howl's moving castle. I really love this movie because the animation and background music are really relaxing and the plot is engaging. We first know the Main character as a simple hat maker then, by some unfortunate events she becomes an old lady and is trying to find a way to reverse the curse that the witch has bestowed upon her.


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