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Where is Colin Kaepernick?

It has been a minute since we have seen Colin Kaepernick. Last seen in 2016 and dropped from the Niners in 2017. So what happened? And is he coming back? Here is what we know and don’t know.

There's some legitimate momentum growing for something that once seemed impossible. Amidst all the turmoil generated in the wake of George Floyd's killing, the NFL is opening a door to the possibility of Colin Kaepernick's return. It first started last Thursday with the league pledging $250 million to combat systemic racism and historic injustices faced by black people, while also showing a willingness to work directly with Kaepernick on tackling those issues. Within hours of that announcement, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll -- whose Seahawks had considered signing Kaepernick in 2017 -- told local reporters that another team recently had reached out to Carroll to discuss that offseason visit three years ago.

Carroll wouldn't reveal the name of the franchise, but he did say, "I know somebody's interested, and we'll see what happens with that." He also acknowledged that his team isn't in the market for another signal-caller, with perennial Pro Bowler Russell Wilson set as the starter and Geno Smith as the primary backup. Carroll's situation speaks to the problem Kaepernick inevitably will face if there is indeed another opportunity in the NFL. Just because there are people thinking about it, that doesn't necessarily mean there's a natural fit with any specific franchise.

Ultimately, no Colin won’t be coming back this season, maybe even next season or ever. He has skills at the moment of a backup QB. That’s all he can be right now and with his past controversies, the league has little interest in recruiting besides the publicity that would follow his name forever. Looking back at it I am sad that he had to go, even though he wasn’t that great of a QB he was a genuine guy in his interviews and everything. I’m glad he was on our team and he will always be in our hearts as #7 Kaepernick with an insane fastball.


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