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Ban of Gay Pride Flags

In some schools across the US, pride flags created to promote unity are banned from teachers’ classrooms. According to the NBC News website, “Several other school officials and students around the country have targeted LGBTQ symbols.” Why is this specific group of people being targeted by the educational system? What are ways that we can stop people from discriminating against the LGBTQ community? Also, many teachers in the educational system have seriously thought about resigning, or some already have.

In Missouri, a teacher resigned after he was forced to remove his rainbow flag from his classroom, and he couldn’t talk about sexual preference in school. Rainbow stickers are also being scraped off of classroom doors, and children are getting bullied across the country for being a part of the LGBTQ community. What can we do to accept the LGBTQ in our communities better? Is protesting against the educational systems going to change anything?

According to the NBC News website, “In most cases, administrators have said the LGBTQ emblems are divisive and “political.” Adults and children who are a part of the LGBTQ community say that the ban on the pride flag affects a vulnerable group of young people. This young group of people are the new generation, and many people believe they have to be changed to fully accept and have a better perspective upon LGBTQ youth and adults. Many people are discriminatory towards the LGBTQ community because they don’t understand where this young group of vulnerable individuals are coming from. They are not very accepting, and they hold something against this community for young and old. Many protests are against these schools across the country because the administrators and officials do not understand the LGBTQ community and their needs.

Some people are uneducated, and they’re not clear-minded about where the LGBTQ community stands. Many people don’t care about this group because they don’t feel that they should belong in society. Also, many students are feeling targeted by other students who aren’t inclusive of the LGBTQ community. Those who are targeted don’t know how to fight back against the school system or their students. The protests have brought people together to see the positive effects of the LGBTQ community and their allies.


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