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Beirut Tragedy

On August 4th, 2020 a massive tragic explosion occurred in Beirut, Lebanon that sent shockwaves across the world literally and figuratively. There has been much speculation on why the explosion happened, along with physical explanations of the reason it looked the way it did.

The way it came about was through explosions within a firework storage facility and erupted in a gigantic seismic explosion. And even with much speculation on the cause, there is only one thing for sure and that is the local life has been damaged completely. Nearby buildings demolished, lives lost, lives threatened in devastating injuries, and a whole lot of property gone in this recent tragedy. I have provided links to different places you can donate to I suggest researching which one best fit where you want your money put into.

Now I will lightly speak on who is or what is at fault for this tragic event. In my opinion, the fault should not matter socially and nor explicitly. The problem arises when it comes to legal terms that should be held accountable. I wish we were in a world where that wasn’t the main issue, where people will get the money to rebuild, where those who lost lives could find closure but its all a very confusing time for Lebanon. I hope those who lost anything there at this time find a way home and stay safe.


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