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Celebration Time?

Coming with the end of the election, we have a winner, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. Which is a good thing? I personally and honestly asked this question because I have been told various things by a ton of people. Joe Biden is good, Joe Biden is bad, Bad Trump, Harris is terrible. But what is the real consensus? Are we heading into another dreadful 4 years of an incompetent president or a good celebratory feat followed by a just office leading our country? The overall answer being, I have no clue. Given the histories of both Joe and Kamala, I have no clue if we are in good hands or just the lesser evil. Starting with Kamala, she has been extremely appealing to many for her apparent actual interest in politics, she doesn’t tweet out some random spat like someone we know but instead actively knows what she is doing and I have trust in her ability to actually run the office. My problem is the past that she has, not being weighed is wrong, she has been through some controversial actions but given her new role as vice president, I personally have my doubts. However, that was the past and given her more recent actions to attain vice presidency I believe she has the best chance to redeem and set an example as the first black, Asian, woman, in the vice president seat.

Ending with Joe Biden. We have all seen the questionable and very confusing actions by Biden. Namely being his odd way of just not being able to speak or be taken seriously. These are all jokes, Biden is more than capable of holding his own in politics, the problem is, can he hold the entire country with him. I personally have doubts in his republican stances, like he is labeled as democratic but has some republican tendencies that sometimes can’t be ignored. I’m on my toes with Biden, he might do something crazy or do nothing at all, that is my take away. At the end of the day, the presidency is now in the hands of Biden and Kamala, it is their responsibility to lead America, and as an American, I can only hope for the best.


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