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WHO grants Covaxin emergency approval. India’s indigenous homegrown Covid-19 Vaccine. An inactive virus was developed by Bharat Biotech.

Previously, the vaccine had been applied for EUL(Emergency Use Listing) back in May of this year. Several meetings have been held until now, but after the final session, the global health body’s technical advisory group approved the vaccine today, November 3rd.

Why is this important? With the WHO approval, the vaccine being on the EUL allows it to participate in the Covax initiative. As the developer, Bharat Biotech is also eligible to be a supplier for the global vaccine-sharing initiative, allowing the vaccine to be supplied across the world. Additionally, with more vaccines available, international travel will become a little easier, as with more available vaccines, fewer foreigners will be vulnerable or carriers of the disease.

How will Covaxin affect foreigners and foreign travels, etc.? As WHO has allowed for the vaccine’s approval on the EUL, this means travellers that have Covaxin are permitted to travel to and from countries that accept WHO-approved vaccinations. Before Covaxin’s approval, India was limited in its approved vaccines, specifically those under the Covishield name. While currently, only a handful of countries have approved Covaxin for international travel, more will surely follow suit. From November 8th, those vaccinated with WHO-approved vaccines, now including the Covaxin shot, will also travel to the U.S.


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