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  • Donovan G.

Five Horror Games to Scare your Friends

With Halloween merely two days from now, and COVID still being a problem, there’s a good chance that most won’t be able to go trick or treating or just attend other social gatherings in person. So here’s a list of five horror games that you can spook your friends with and end friendships.

GTFO is a co-op FPS horror game that heavily focuses on teamplay for survival. From high-octane combat to tense stealth, you will have to work with your allies to solve puzzles, successfully navigate a dark, abandoned facility and overcome its plague of infinitely spawning horrific creatures.

A co-op horror survival game for up to four players. The players must work together to stop corrupted and possessed cultists from dragging you to hell with them. Navigate abandoned asylums, hospital wards, mansions whilst avoiding the several monstrosities that lurk their halls. Stick together, gather supplies, exorcise the cultists, and don’t get caught.

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game, where you and up to three other of your friends go ghost hunting. Investigate buildings with paranormal activity. Use the tools at your disposal to gather evidence and figure out what ghost is haunting the location. Do try to keep your sanity, however, or else the ghost might just come to take what’s left. Especially with its most recent update, over ten types of ghosts with varying combinations of evidence needed to discern each one, the Nightmare difficulty puts your skills to the test, because, unlike every other mode, you cannot gauge your sanity, and you'll only be able to gather two-thirds of the required evidence to properly narrow the ghost variant, leaving the rest to your knowledge of the ghost’s behavior.

Another first-person survival horror game. A team of up to four players must explore a post-apocalyptic Russian secret research island. You’re dropped in a dark, forested area with virtually no information. Are you alone? Or perhaps there’s someone else there as well, and are they your an ally or a potential enemy?

You’re a Bigfoot hunter whose sole purpose is to put an end to the rumors once and for all. Is Bigfoot a myth? Four players must explore the forest, moving from location to location hunting for definitive evidence of Bigfoot’s presence, but when night falls, the hunters become the hunted. In a dark forest, the hunters are now on enemy turf, and unlike them. Bigfoot won’t go down with just a bullet or two. Unlike the previous titles, BIGFOOT is also a co-op FPS survival horror game. But there is one thing that sets it apart from the rest. It also features a player-versus-player mode. In which one player can control Bigfoot themselves and hunt their friends.


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