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  • Ricksel Penullar

Gay rights in Europe?

A new era of change starts somewhere in Europe as attitudes in European microstates where religion and conservative ideals have always curbed gay rights gain. On January 12, when Switzerland managed to become one of the last western European nations to legalize same-sex marriage in 2021, it made waves in the next Alpine Country of Liehtensensien. Two days after the swiss vote, lawmakers signaled near-unanimous support for same-sex marriage during a parliamentary session in the principality, one of several European microstates that trail their neighbors on LGBTQ laws. This year, the nation of fewer than 40,000 people is also due to host its pride event. This is huge as European countries tend to lean to more conservative values. Liechtenstein Monarch Prince Hans-Adam has opposed extending marriage rights to LGBT couples if that meant they were granted the same rights to adopt children as heterosexual couples. However,

All the German-speaking countries except for Liechtemsein have opened marriage for same-sex couples. Religion and tradition had held heavy sway in the small states of Andorra and San Marino, and Monaco. Wealthy gay people in Monaco have stated that they found it hard to open about their sexuality in the city-states, lacking anti-discrimination laws and bans of same-sex marriage and adoption. However, it's slowly progressing but very little. In Andorra, a Microstate sandwiched between France and Spain in the Pyrenees, the catholic church has sought limits on Pro-LGBT reform campaigners.

The only reason why it isn't called gay marriage is that the catholic priest won't accept it. Large numbers of Immigrants to the country had helped change attitudes partly due to civil partnerships laws. In Andorran, Institutions are reluctant to acknowledge that more giant neighbors next to their country have a significant impact on them, and it's trying to keep its individuality because of being a small country. Europe has a lot to go as a country; while many more minor parts of the country are slowly opening up to the idea of Same-sex marriage, heavy conservative ideals still have a firm grip on LGBT issues.


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