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Halloween Nights!

It's that time of the month again. Ghouls, ghosts and spooky things are back in Town! Seek out new adventures and explore histories and secrets about Haunted locations this Halloween! In my personal experience, Halloween is when we get to embrace all the creepy stuff out there! What are some fun things to do on Halloween, you may be wondering? There are a lot!

  1. Pumpkin Carving

It's not a Halloween tradition if you haven't carved out pumpkins and put them outside your door. Grab some friends or your pet and carve some pumpkins! It is a fun process to do! Especially during the moonlit night, It also leaves so much to your imagination of what your Pumpkin carving is gonna look like! If you have friends, why not grab them together and see what you make out of pumpkins? Be extra creative about it.

  1. Halloween Slasher Marathons

Ever since Covid-19, many of us have stayed at home and watched midnight falls to the streets. There is still hope. Slasher horror classical films are one way to enjoy the night! If you are not a fan of horror movies, You can watch horror movie parodies like the Scary movie series. Nevertheless, if you are into horror movies, you can watch Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street, Gremlins, Texas chainsaw massacre, Scream and many more! Make some hot chocolate milk on Halloween nights and get cozy ironically because you are in for a fright! My favourite horror movie to this day is still the Grudge. It is such a classic horror film that it does not fail to scare its audience psychologically.

  1. Play Horror Games!

This may be underrated in the list, but If you have consoles at home like a Ps4 or Xbox, it might be fun to experience fright this Halloween! Buy horror games that boost your adrenaline! Moreover, be immersed in the thrilling, haunting atmosphere as you explore something and fear the unknown. Nights like those can give you nightmares, but It's fun to enjoy the night while you still can so you do not feel left out of the Halloween experience!

  1. Halloween Amusement Park

If you feel bolder at night, why not head down to a Halloween amusement park! Amusement parks are a fun place to explore rides and have fun with yourself or your friends! Get out at night and experience the thrill of killer clowns and haunted houses! It is much more fun if you go by yourself since you get to enjoy the haunted isolation all by yourself, but it is excellent with friends too!


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