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Homophobia and its Complications

There are many things That i often question about. It's the topic of Homophobia. I think about it all the time and why people hate the view points of homosexuality. I know that maybe there's nothing to it but it's hardly something I can't comprehend. One of the reasons people hate homosexuality is the basis of the church reasonings and because of this Homosexuality became something as more of immoral. Another is the fact maybe because they exhibit “feminine behaviors' ' and are not deemed acceptable by society. Most of these validations come from mem with Homophobic tendencies comes towards friend groups who shares the same sense of idealism and its very damaging. It destroys the possibility of what is not present and what is not idealistic. It promotes false idealism towards something that is not true.

It seems that a lot of stigma is often faced with men who identify themselves as homoseuxals because it breaks through the ideal perception of what an ideal image of what men are supposed to be. Men who are Feminine faced a lot of stigma due to their flamboyant nature and often subject to a lot of hatred. Women who identifies themselves as lesbian are often sexualized in the weirdest way possible due to misconceptions of the media. This holds somewhat true because of what men think. Sadly being gay can cost you at the expense of your life. There are many gays that I know of who are beaten up and shamed for their sexuality and I don't understand it. Maybe this is something with a greater degree of knowledge who knows more about it. I don't know much about human behavior since we are a complex being. However are people who are generally homophobic may have perhaps have a deeper backstory to their beleif? Why is Homosexuality is feared, hated and considered bad by many?

From my understanding they are just living their lives like normal people. In my opinion people use homophobia as a result to impress their friends who share the same ideal and to gain validation from others, since gay people are in the bottom of the social ladder, this maybe a method of a power creep or power representation. By putting others down, it shows power and control towards others. Sadly I don't know why that is. This may be the result of upbringings in life. I can't really dictate these things. I have experienced homophobia before, in my early days however I didn't care about it that much, though the thought of homophobia is interesting.

From my knowledge the Gay community can be very toxic as well as most includes the most perception of greek bodies and masculine men as the ideal peak of gay interest. Upon observing these things I am confused about what we shaped our surroundings to. The “image Body” Is what most people find very pleasing, there are categories of body that you can associate yourself with, which putting on labels can be very damaging towards oneself and others that are just new to the community can feel isolated and disinterested. The Problem with homophobia is that hate towards a community who are already oppressed enough are even targeted for hate crimes to the point of murder and disvaluing someoemes life over something thats very trivial. I don't know why people are so interested in people's life to the point that they want to be included by it. These could be because they're also finding power? Or seeking validation from others like their friends or family. I don't know the answer but this is something beyond my reach.


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