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How to Be sustainable

How Can I Be more Sustainable this Holiday Season?

The Holiday Season Brings a lot of joy to us all; It also brings alot of consumerism that generates. It's estimated that trash production in the United States increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Where Is all this trash coming from? From presents, yes but also from wrapping paper, packaging, cards, decorations, food wrappers and christmas trees, small adjustments can help reduce your adjustment and can really help reduce your time waste this holiday season.

What Can You Do?

  • Gift an experience. Buying a loved one tickets to a concert, museum or weekend trip will increase the amount of time you spend together and memories you make, while reducing the amount of trash-generating purchases.

  • Did you find the perfect gift? Try wrapping it in something sustainable. You can use a lot grocery bag, newspaper, or try a reusable holiday-themed box or bag

  • If you celebrate with a Christmas tree, consider buying a living one, SF environment teams up with friends of the Urban forest to bring living to homes each holiday season. You pick up a tree, decorate and nurture it for the holidays, then return it to be planted in a neighborhood that needs more trees. Visit



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