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  • Steven Erquiza

Lucifer (TV Show)

Do you have a Netflix account? Of course, you have! Who doesn't? If you are a tv show addict like me spending hours binge-watching new seasons of tv shows, then RESPECT! Also, if you are like me, impatiently waiting for new seasons to come for your favorite TV Shows. Well, there's a new season for Lucifer just released today and as we established, let the binge-watching begin! If you haven't seen the TV Show "Lucifer" then you gotta! Let me give a short plot of what this tv show is about.

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series developed by Tom Kapinos that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. The series focuses on a handsome and mighty angel, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). He was cast out of heaven and was banished to rule hell because he led a rebellion against God. Being down in hell for millennia, The Devil (Lucifer) is getting bored and unhappy. He then decides to abdicate his throne in defiance of his father (God) and abandons his kingdom for Los Angeles, where he runs his nightclub called Lux. This is not the first time he left hell to hang with the humans on earth, but this time it was different. One day he finds himself involved in a murder investigation, where he meets Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Lucifer helped the LAPD solve this murder investigation using his power to manipulate humans into revealing their deepest desires. In return, Lucifer accepts an offer to work with Detective Chloe as a consultant for the LAPD. Throughout the series, they solve crimes, battling supernatural beings and developing their relationships.

This TV Show gives us a different perspective on how to look at Lucifer. In the Bible and books written about him, he is painted as an evil incarnate. He eats children, tortures damned souls, and is mainly blamed for all bad things/wrongdoings people do. Saying they were possessed/influenced by the Devil or the Devil caused this and that. In this series, he was portrayed not as an all-powerful being, but they humanized him and showed that he is just like every human being. Sure, he has supernatural powers and wings, but he has feelings and experiences like a normal human being who shaped him into who he is.

The first season received mixed reviews but throughout the following seasons were better rated, and many praised Tom Ellis's performance as the Devil. They did have high viewership when it debuted, but ratings were consistently low throughout the three seasons run on Fox, so Fox decided to cancel Lucifer after three seasons. A month later, Netflix picked up the series for the fourth season, and it received high ratings. Then they released more seasons till the 6th season where they decided to end the TV Show. The last season just aired yesterday, September 10, 2021, where many fans are disappointed to see the TV Show end, but all good things come to an end.


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