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Music at the Moment

During quarantine, we have been getting dropped so many great albums as well as looking forward to new albums to come. Here I will speak on my opinion of music I have listened to that have come out in recent months.

The Slow Rush - Tame Impala

This album is not much like the amazing album Currents that came out surprisingly 5 years ago. This speaks more on a breakup our creator Kevin Parker had and is a lowkey mid-life crisis vibe at the moment. Also in this album, he displays his growth on the drums beautifully. The majority of songs speak on just staying calm and growing up at the age he is now at 34. Mid-life crisis is an overused term but I think it best describes him at the level he is. Growing up too quickly and watching days go by. This is a feeling many can vibe with at the current situation everyone is at home watching days go by in quarantine. Great tracks in the album are Patience, Breathe Deeper, Borderline, and It Might Be Time. I suggest listening to the album as a whole as it goes together but these tracks are fantastic alone.

Mafia Bidness - Shoreline Mafia

This is sadly the last album this rap group will make together with Fenix Flexing. The falling apart is long coming and Fenix and Ohgeesy were the powerhouses of the group. Without Fenix is not gonna be the same. Luck to him doing his thing solo. The album paired with the music videos or visualizers is a call back to the memories as the group was on top in 2018 with Traplantic dropping and the tour they went on. The videos are clips of them chilling out and at concerts because the group couldn’t be together for a music video. Which fits the feeling of the music being about growing up whether it is together or not. This album was not a banger but a reminder of what Shoreline Mafia was at the core a family, a gang, and a bunch of gangs doing what they love and it was awesome. Sad it is the last of the group.

Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon - Pop Smoke

This is Pop’s posthumous album. All him and it was the best of the year in my opinion. This album showed Pop’s talent in all ways. His control in the vibe whether it be a chill mood or a straight club banger. The album has many feelings but I think Pop primarily spoke about his rise to the top and not wanting to forget where he came from, the streets of Brooklyn. I am at a loss for words of how well the album is crafted to be a beautiful album and props to his team for being able to finish his work. I can only strongly recommend you listen to the whole album. RIP the Woo

The Smartest - Tee Grizzley

I am on a roll with rap music but I cannot forget Tee. This album is a straight bump and a display for Tee’s grand arsenal of lyrics firing about his life and his come up. Tee wants his audience and everyone to know he is one of the best lyrically and musically talented in the game right now. You know the album is going to be great when the intro is as good as he made it. It is an intro to him as an artist and to him as a man from Detroit.

Many more albums I have on a list to listen to and even more coming up. Singles reviews will come as well and I will even do more from the music of all ranges and years. Vibe wit it and bump out.


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