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New Functions on Spotify!

Today I bring you some of the new features of the streaming giant that might interest you:

Spotify allows blocking other users:

The platform already allowed users to block an artist with the option of "not playing this artist."

The music streaming service Spotify added a new function with which it allows its users to block other people for the first time, something that until now had to be processed by contacting customer service.

The blocking function will be extended to Spotify starting this week, through a block button that will be present in the profile of the platform's users, according to the Engadget portal.

By using this option, the blocked user will not be able to access the page and public playlists, or view listening activity. It is also possible to choose the 'unblock' option from a blocked profile.

Spotify previously allowed users to block an artist with the option to 'do not play this artist'.

Spotify now lets you share podcasts with a timestamp:

The feature will allow users to share specific snippets of content on social media.

Spotify has introduced three new options to share content, be it a song or a program, with friends through social networks, which include the possibility of marking a time point to listen to a podcast.

Social networks are a channel for discovering new content, according to a Spotify survey, which highlights that 40 percent of music content is known thanks to these platforms.

With the aim of enhancing discovery, and allowing content to be shared with friends, family and followers, the company has introduced three updates to the service, two of them for Canvas, as reported on its official blog.

Canvas allows artists to share a "short looping visual," a kind of "album for the 'streaming' era," which can be shared on Instagram Stories and now also via Snapchat.

Users will also be able to preview their Canvas before sending it through the two aforementioned social networks, which the company accompanies with an improvement in the destination list and a new menu in the mobile application.

For podcasts, Spotify has introduced a time marker, so that users can share a program so that the recipients can listen to it just at the moment when something has caught their attention. Until now they could only share a link to the program.

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