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KFC restaurants nation will start adding plant-based chicken to its menus for a limited time. The Launch comes after years of testing from the Yum brands chain to create a meat substitute that mimicked the taste and texture of the chicken muscle, like chicken breast. Rather than the ground-up consistency of the nuggets. The two companies frustrated tested plant-based chicken at an Atlanta restaurant in August of 2019 and sold out their limited supply in less than five hours. KFC then tested the new item in Nashville, Charlotte, N.C., and southern California Two years ago. The famous fried chicken chain counts on customers making healthier

choices to fulfill the quota. It is January, so it is a time of New Year's resolutions, and you want to change your diet! More Americans are embracing a flexitarian diet in which the consumers cut down on their meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. This diet has driven the growing popularity among plant-based substitutes. The Partnership hits at the national labor crunch, with many eateries running short-staffed. Some chains have been reluctant to add new items or even scale back their menus to run smoothly, even with few workers. The upcoming perspective surges of a new COVID-19 case critically demonstrate those issues as workers call in sick due to positive tests or exposure to the infection.

Nearly a year ago, Beyond meat announced a formal partnership with Yum to make an entire plant-based alternative substitute for pizza hut, Taco Bell and KFC. Chipotle Mexican Grilled rolled out plant-based chorizo. Monday at its restaurants nationwide, it also targets customers who are trying to eat less meat in 2022. In preparation for launches to come in the New Year, Beyond meat is looking to get its stock back on track. In the last 12 months, shares have lost half their value, dragging their market value down to $3.9 billion. The stock closed Tuesday down 5% at $62.62 d, and short-sellers betting against the stock represent 37.2% available shares according to Factset.

On the other hand, shares of yum have climbed to roughly 30% in the last year, bringing its market value to $40.3 billion. Strong demand for KFC's fried chicken has helped lift the price. The Partnership does provide an opportunity for "Beyond" restaurant sales. The company is hoping to attract more customers like retail. To promote the new menu item, it is said that a Youtuber influencer Liza Koshy will star in the plant-based chicken's ad campaign in the latest Partnership between fast-food chains and influencers. However, KFC is not mainly targeting vegans and vegetarians. They generally use the same equipment as they would fry a traditional fried chicken. So the verdict? Well, customers can buy the new KFC menu six-12 piece orders with the dipping sauce included for only $6.99 with the tax excluded. So what do you think? Do you want to try the new menu for KFC?


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