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  • Steven Erquiza

Pros & Cons of Electric Scooter

Pros of Electric Scooter

  • Convenient to Use

Compared to other ways of transportation like cars or bicycles, electric scooters are easier to travel with, especially if they can be folded. If you live in the city, you can easily bring it inside the bus/train, and it’s easy to park it. Looking for storage space in your home won’t be a problem because it’s not that big. Best of all, it’s not that hard to learn how to use it.

  • No Drivers License

One of the main pros of electric scooters is that you don’t need a driver’s licence to use one. That also means no need for any lessons, tests or licence to operate one. Owning an electric scooter makes affordable transportation, and skipping traffic jams is definitely a good thing.

  • Mother Earth Happy

Being electrically powered, they are not making our mother earth cry. They save plenty of greenhouse gas emissions compared to cars and motorcycles. Though it is important to note that in creating electric scooters, they used fossil fuels because of the electricity on which the scooter runs.

  • Low Operating and Maintenance Cost

Electric scooters are cheaper to own than a car. Buying parts for it when it breaks down is more affordable, and you don’t need gas to use it. Seeing how the price of gas is increasing every year, owning a car can be expensive. The main expense is when you charge it, which doesn’t cost much.

Cons of E-Scooters

  • It Can Be Dangerous

It can be inevitable to get into an accident when you ride a bicycle; they always say it’s how you learn to use it. That also is the same with electric scooters, especially for younger users. They might underestimate the speed and the dangers of using an electric scooter.

  • Limited Battery Life

The range for using an electric scooter is limited. Depending on the brand and type of scooter, each of them has a different speed and battery longevity. Which means you cant use it on long travels. Also, it’s important not to let your e-scooter overcharge. I say that because it can cause problems for your e-scooter. It can decrease the amount of time before the battery dies or your battery stops working, so just keep that in mind.

  • Not Suitable For Everyone

It may not be suitable for all sizes in owing an e-scooter. Most e-scooter has a weight limit. Therefore these scooters are not eligible for people with a heavyweight. For a scooter that can handle heavy people, the scooter can be pretty heavy and unsuitable for commuting.

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