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Research On the Paranormal

Ghosts are a scary thing and we know almost nothing about them. They are an interesting phenomenon that are left in the wonders of the earth and oftentimes are feared by the unknown. What makes these phenomena scary is that they are invisible in the naked for some at least. In my theory Ghosts require some sort of energetic resonance to be channeled since they don't have a physical body to make their presence known. From watching Ghost sightings and paranormal investigations.

Ghosts don't usually pop in front of your face like jump scares. Usually these ghosts that we see are shown as shadow figures. They take the form of pitch black energy. I once encountered a shadow person at my home. It was peeking at me. I remember clearly it had short hair of what seems to be a female. Some skeptics might believe that these entities do not exist in this world and it's just a dis illusion of our memory of our brain. However I don't believe that is true. There are things in this world that are left unexplained with so little information it's easy to dismiss something that we don't know about. From my research and my investigation of these Extraterrestrial phenomenon is that they do not exist in the physical dimension or so we believe. They don't exist because they don't have a physical body but they manifest their presence in a form of orbs, or energy. Usually ghosts can use telekinesis and communicate with frequencies.

From my understanding There are three variants of ghosts. One that is a shadow, the other a translucent figure and a demon. From what investigators noted ghosts are driven by emotion but these things are still under research as there may be complexity towards these ideas. Ghosts don't necessarily come into jumpscares although there are some that are not frequent. Usually ghosts observe you from a far or follow you. They lurk somewhere in the corner or near you. They are undetectable beings making it hard to predict where they are. There's a theory that these extra terrestrial beings relive their moments of death in a never ending cycle of loops. Another theory is that they are souls who wander our planet searching for purpose or their memories. Though who is it to say what their purpose is since we have little information about them.

It seems there are vengeful spirits or spirits who do not want to be disturbed, usually these wandering souls are speaking in fragments in the spirit box so there's not much to go about. However, can these wandering souls see us? And let us know sometimes that they are there. From my research ghosts are temperature sensitive, they usually manifest as a cold chill or below temperature. I don't know why that is but this could be because their physical body can no longer provide heat. These transient beings can communicate by manipulating physical objects which is interesting.

Demons on the other hand are interesting as well. There are myths and lores about these creatures and they are known for deception and trickery. However what makes them dangerous is the ability of possession. It basically takes the hosts of the owner's body. From my understanding these demons enchant words that are often not understandable or Hysteria. Though I'm not sure yet at the moment since I don't have definitive proof of this strange phenomena. Though they are mysterious beings their origin suggests they come from hell. My question is now what these creatures are and what they are doing in our world. Is it possible that there is another realm on our planet that we don't know about. What lies beyond these understanding is truly uncertain. Only the people who are no longer in this physical world know what's on the other side.


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