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The Tragedy Life of Britney Spears

We all know Britney Spears. She has been the face and attention of the Global pop world during her time in the early 2000s. She was making hits after hits with her songs, album sales, and her impact was just very worldwide. She was making hits after hits with oops. I did it again, baby one more time, Womanizer, hold it against me and many more. However, Britney didn't have it all, and she wasn't the Britney Spears that we knew today. As a child growing up, Britney Spears struggled a lot, her parents weren't doing so great financially, and her father developed an alcohol problem. As a young child, her mother invested so much money for Britney to perform, sing, and act. Hoping that one day she can be the key to bringing the family out of the financial struggle.

She first appeared in Disney's Barney, where she had to work gruelling hours of work schedule, and by her teens, she was working in retails etc. She was still pursuing her career in the media and was then approached by a label. The label had envisioned a hit like TLC that is a girl group. However, another person wanted Britney to be a solo artist. It worked well for her since her 1st album took off exponentially well for only being a 17 year old. However, with great fame comes a lot of backlashes. Brtiney was no stranger to the media industry as she had worked there ever since she was a kid. Even though the Pay for Disney's Barneys was 178 dollars a week. It was very unsustainable. As years went by, however, Britney would soon get a lot of promotion from the media, as the "It" girl. Wherever you go, what show, T.V commercial you are watching, Britney was everywhere. She was booking performances, interviews and commercials.

Though in her interviews, the people who are interviewing her have a bizarre obsession about her virginity. It was a weird situation since Britney was 17 when she was getting asked those uncomfortable questions. It didn't help that the paparazzi gave her no space to the point that they would take a picture of her upskirt and sell it. The paparazzi violated a lot of space to the fact it endangered her kids. There was no room to get even single privacy. While being at the peak of her stardom, The media tore her to shreds by posting clickbait titles in the magazine, calling her fat, bad mother, mentally ill. It was just awful for her.

There was a time when she hit her breaking point, shaved her head, and destroyed a car with an umbrella. She couldn't even meet her ex-fiance about her divorce and her kids respectfully. Things took a wrong turn for Britney, that she had to go to rehab. Still, even then, the rehab facility will share confidential information with the paparazzi. It was bad. When Britney was put into Conservatorship to get "help," a lot of that came from abuse to the point where she didn't have the right to her body. Even if she was sick, She injected a higher dosage of lithium than required, and she couldn't even shower alone. She needed supervision. The Conservatorship had hurt Britney for more than 13 years. Britney's Fans have defended her for multiple years, even though her worst days, and I think It's time for the world to listen to Britney's Story as a human being. She deserves it for all the years she's been through as a kid, Denied by her freedom of privacy and her own rights to her every move. I think this will be the first time she is granted that opportunity for the world to hear what shell finally be able to say and finally get a chance at her freedom.


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