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Total Wedding Disaster!

A lot of people of the guests at a wedding wore masks on the day of November 27th during a wedding ceremony started at a Wisconsin in celebration that is now the suspected origin of the outbreak of the Covid-19 and the Om

nicron variant among Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. As the Celebration was festive, People have celebrated with cocktails and kicked it off on the dance floor. Leaving their masks behind and possibly having contracted the virus at center stage. However people have speculated the revelation that even the risky group and super cautious group could have let their guard down to the point where the vectors of COVID-19 shows just how vulnerable people can get even with the vaccine in place. Most of the Dozen of the Attendees went home infected with the COVID-19 including 11 people who work for Kaiser Permanente in the East Bay. Some went to work before finding out they were infected, causing a potential exposure of the virus to a total of 38 other employees and patients at two Oakland hospitals. 6 of the 12 known cases among east bay residents who attended the Wisconsin wedding tested positive for the Omnicron variant according to the Alameda county public health department. These staff members' exposure to COVID 19 happened out of state, Officials have said that the person who first contracted omicron returned from Nigeria on November 24th then attended the wedding three days later. Public health officials have traced close contacts of infected people and provided them with isolation and quarantine guidance. It was noted that the Bay Area residents should remain vigilant as the region heads into winter, however not necessarily because of the Omicron virus. There appears to be 11 confirmed cases of the omicron variant so far in California however the real number is still predicted to be higher. The Omicron tells us that people who were vaccinated, including people with the booster shot can still get the variant and the virus. There's also people who get vaccinations, that is, they are less likely to get the virus. This new variant has several questions about the source of the variant and weather it's better to evade vaccine immunity? What do you think?


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