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Trump on Mount Rushmore

Over COVID many political events have happened. The open campaigns of many potential candidates and a whole lot more. And now the next best thing came out about putting Trump on the Mount Rushmore sculptures. Of course, out of this opinion comes much discourse in whether it is a bad idea, a really bad idea, or an absolute must.

Trump’s time in office has been a doozy stirring up much controversy and not much action. He said he was gonna build a wall, and that didn’t happen. A lot of his presidential time was dealing with those who opposed him rather than addressing the actual problem. That is my main problem as he hasn’t done much to “fix” the problems he claims are problems. And this is the main argument for those opposing the Trump addition to Rushmore.

Next is the ones representing Trump to be put onto Rushmore. Mainly that what he represents and the actions he has done to “fix” the problems he sees. What I mean by what he represents is about his symbol as “the perfect American president” that was working his way to a great country.


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