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  • Katie Huang

Watch Out Your Bag!

At UC Berkeley, the midterm season is happening. Many students are staying in libraries, coffee shops, study rooms to prepare for the exams. Many of them will go back home late. Therefore, many burglaries are happening on the street, around the Berkeley campus, and even inside the lecture hall building.

On Nov 8, there was a burglary that happened in Evans Hall at UC Berkeley. Three graduate students got their ipads as well as their laptops. Evans Hall is the building where the majority of Mathematics and Statistics students take classes. One of the victims can ping laptops from the southern area of the campus and then get on the Bart to San Francisco. There was another crime report about another lecture hall building’s keys getting stolen on the same day and time.

According to the situation, the UCPD (University of California Police Department) sending safe tips to the Berkeley community:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked.

  • Familiarize yourself with the security systems and procedures utilized in your building.

  • Keep a record of all keys issued. Master keys and extra duplicates should be locked away for safekeeping.

  • Maintain an inventory of all office equipment; include the make, model and a serial number of each item. Keep this inventory in a safe place. Keep it current by adding the identification numbers of all new equipment.

  • Please do not delay in calling 911. UCPD strongly encourages the reporting of criminal or suspicious activity promptly.

In addition, if you are going to walk back to your apartment or dorm at midnight. There’s a service called BearWalk. You can find more information in this link below:

Hopefully, everyone can be safe outside, no matter where you are. Always pay attention to the place you stay in and look around frequently. Besides these tips, do you have any safety tips you want to share with others? Feel free to drop your comments under the blog.


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