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What's next

What's next?

The Covid19 Pandemic started March 11th, 2020. This month will be the third year we have dealt with the pandemic and COVID. Will we see a change? Will we ever go back to the way things were? These are some of the questions Americans have been wondering about.

There have been times where Covid has been very low, and we get close to returning to normal, but then COVID strikes up again. According to the Post/ABC survey, only a third of adults think the virus is "completely" or "mostly" under control Post/ABC survey. Though most believe the worst is behind them, the KFF survey found. According to CNN news, less than a third of adults said that they are still wearing a mask at all times outside the home, and fewer are socially distancing, and more are eating out and visiting family and friends, too.

Overall in the US, most adults are concerned about the consequences of lifting restrictions and keeping them in place, according to the KFF survey. But Democrats are far more likely to say they are worried about the harmful effects of lifting restrictions. At the same time, Republicans were more likely to be concerned about the negative effects of keeping restrictions in place. Red and blue states alike have started to lift mask mandates and roll back other pandemic-related restrictions such as vaccination requirements. The new CDC recommendations, released Friday, also apply to schools.

Many parents are concerned about the health and safety of their kids. Only time will tell what will happen. We can only hope we don't see a rise for COVID again. What are your thoughts?


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