Our Leadership Team


Irlanzujuan Martin


My name is Irlanzujuan Jovant'e Seymour Martin , whoo that's a doozy. To keep things simple I am also referred to as Eli. I was born and raised the Bay Area, mainly San Francisco. I love the arts and consider myself an artist in many ways. My goals and dreams consist of getting into the career fields of acting, music, and dance while being the person in my family and amongst my friends to help connect us all to a better life. I am the Youthline Program coordinator at CHALK after spending 5 years growing in CHALK as a CHALK baby. CHALK is a San Francisco project that helps youth transition into adult hood successfully, through an array of programs that offer youth support to accomplish their dreams and their goals. If you are ever in the neighbor hood near 271 Austin st. in San Francisco come drop by I would love to meet you. 

Our Techies


Juan Lopez
Senior Staff


Juan is an 18-year-old born and raised in San Francisco. He is currently attending San Francisco State University, focusing on health and biology. Juan enjoys gaming with friends and learning around the city (very specific, yes). His goals include becoming a nurse and helping those in need when and how he can. 

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Steven Erquiza
Senior Staff


Steven is a 20-year-old, born and raised in the Philippines. He moved here in 2016 with his mom. Like most immigrants they came here to start a new and better life. Steven's hobbies are playing video games, playing sports, and watching movies/TV shows. For his career he is interested in learning business, real estate and the stock market. 


Jesus Arambula
Senior Staff


Jesus is a 24-year-old, born in Mexico, half raised in Mexico, half raised in San Diego and San Francisco. He moved to San Francisco in 2012 with his parents, attended Raoul Wallenberg High School, graduated from City College of San Francisco with multiple degrees, among them Associates in Computer Science, and is currently attending San Francisco State University majoring in Computer Science. He also graduated from Dev/Mission’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program and is knowledgeable about computers and programming. His hobbies include playing video games, playing guitar, and watching shows on Netflix and other streaming services.


Ricksel Penullar
Senior Staff


Ricksel is a 20-year-old, born in the Phillippines. He Attends San Francisco State University in hopes to become a physical therapist one day. Like Most college students he studies doesn't sleep that much and likes to work out. For hobbies he likes to drink coffee and walk around the park and enjoy the scenery and listen to music especially Lo-fi 


Xavier Arenas
Senior Staff


Julian Calderon
Senior Staff


An 18-year old man graduated from Galileo High School but is not a San Francisco native. He was born and raised over half of his life in Phoenix Arizona, then moved to San Francisco in 2012. He is the first one in his family to graduate high school and go to college. He lives with only his Dad and his brother. They all have face homelessness and many other injustices, but that doesn't stop him or his family from helping other people. He is studying film and psychology. He likes to relax but also be active. He has and is making plans on volunteering more. He has many plans and ideas that want to come to life, so join the team and watch him grow. 

Contact info

(For Personal Business): mjhicalderon@gmail.com

(For CHALK Related): julianc@chalk.org


Paola Ayala
Senior Staff

Paola is a 17 year old young woman born and raised in San Francisco. She has a passion for learning new things and trying new things. She is Mexican American and enjoys spending her summers in Michoacan with family enjoying the rancho life. She enjoys writing and anything tech, she also likes gardening and taking care of her plants at home. Paola hopes to make new connections, memories and learn from this team. She brings a fresh perspective and calm energy to the room.


Yahshua Hernandez
Senior Staff


Yahshua is a 20-year-old born and raised in El Salvador. He is currently attending San Francisco Community College. He is very into reading and writing all king of fiction books. Not long ago, He moved to San Francisco seeking a better education and a better life. As for his future goals, he wants to give the best second chance for his family. Coming from a completely different environment and life style than the one San Francisco offers he is starting to see the world from a different perspective.  


Ronnique Louvier
Senior Staff


Ronnique is a 16-year old born in San Francisco, and attends Riordan High School as a junior. She is lively and likes learning new things. She enjoys playing basketball -- defense to be specific. Her hobbies are sports, listening to music, and investing. She has her own business called Louvier Tatum. When she grows up, she is aiming to expand her business from just a clothing line to a franchise as well. In the years to come, she would like to work in the psychology field that explores relationships and communication. 

Autumn Road

Donovan Goh


Katie Huang


My name is Katie. I am the new hire at the Chalk YouthLine program. I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in China, I've lived in the US for over 6 years. I am a third-year student, studying Applied Mathematics and Data Science at UC Berkeley. I love watching scary movies and TV shows. Besides that, I love hanging out with friends, eating and taking pictures. My current career goal is to become a software engineer after I graduate from college in 2023. I want to explore my career AI(Artificial Intelligent) or ML(Machine Learning) field.


Yessica Avila


Yessica is a 21 year old, born in Mexico raised in San Francisco since she was 3 months. She attends City College of San Francisco as she is working on her nursing major and a minor in computer science. Yessica spends her free time with her two year old son. Some of her hobbies are going hiking and playing sports.