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  • Ricksel Penullar

Updates on The Corona V Word

In the following March, the Coronavirus threat has been exponentially growing at an exponential rate. It has been spreading globally at an alarming rate from Wuhan to Italy, South Korea, the Philippines, and many more countries that are affected by the Coronavirus. As the Nations scrambled to understand the scope of the escalating public health crisis, the number of cases of Coronavirus Infection in the United States have super passed 1,000+ cases on Tuesday night. This tells us that coronavirus was spreading widely in communities on both coasts and in the center of the country. America's first known coronavirus case was announced on Jan. 21in Washington State. Six weeks later, the number of cases had risen to 70; most of these cases are tied to overseas travel. Furthermore, new case reports have poured in, first by the dozens, and then it is exponentially increased to hundreds.

The majority of these cases were in Washington State, California, or New York, where everyday maneuvers at a fast pace have begun to change drastically. Businesses closing, Colleges canceled class. Politicians urged people to avoid crowds or Social dissociation. As it temporarily closed every crowd gathering like churches, Disneyland, schools, sports tournament games that are promoted. This raises the alarm as now it poses a severe problem to what we are currently dealing with. Health Officials are advocating strongly to avoid going into public spaces that have a large crowd as there may be a potential of the Coronavirus spreading. The reason why they are strongly advocating this is first, to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading and finally not to heavily overrode the health system. The more cases we have, The more patients we will need to be treated. More patients being treated means more hospitals and utilities we need and more health staff. The sad reality is we are limited in these things. Were unable to treat people coming at an exponential growth into hospitals.

Dr. Helen, Y. Chu, an Infectious disease expert in Seattle, wanted to repurpose tests from a flu research project to monitor the Coronavirus after the first confirmed American Case landed in her area in late January. However, in devastating news everywhere she turned, state, and federal officials reported the rejection of the idea, interviews, and emails show. Even as weeks pass by and outbreaks emerged in countries that are outside of China where the disease began. By Feb. 25, Dr. Chu and her colleagues could no longer tolerate the waiting period any longer. They began the testing for the virus without the government's approval, and their fear came to light. They quickly had a positive test from a local teenager with no recent travel history. The virus had already reached the United States without anyone realizing it. Officials would later discover through testing that the virus had already contributed to the deaths of two people, and it would go on to kill 20 more in Seattle in the following days. The failure to acknowledge into the flu study was one in a series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing during the early days of testing, when containment would have been more natural. Instead, local officials across the country were left to work blindly as the crisis grew undetectable. The C.D.C scenarios have not been publicly disclosed. Without an understanding of how experts view the threat of the virus, It remains a mystery of how far Americans will go in adopting socially disruptive steps that could help avert deaths.

At the moment, California has banned all public gatherings and promotes social distancing. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the stock market has crashed significantly, resulting in a bear market. The Mass Hysteria has led Businesses to lay off workers, shut down schools, and limit public transportation. The Coronavirus has also led to Racist acts and stigmatization aimed toward Asians. The media throughout the following weeks have put misleading coverage that may inspire a false narrative towards Asian Americans who have nothing to do with the pandemic. Small Businesses are primarily affected by this pandemic, especially Asian businesses. For weeks, the World Health Organization resisted declaring the Coronavirus Outbreak a pandemic, fearing that doing so would incite panic across the globe.

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