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  • Alexandra Roger

World Health Day

You may or may not be aware that this upcoming Saturday we will be commemorating World Health Day, which is a day celebrated every year on April 7th. This is done to indicate the establishment of the World Health Organization 70 years ago. The purpose of this occasion is to create Worldwide attention and focus that on a specific issue. Each World Health Day concentrates on a different health- related dilemma than that of the preceding year.

This forthcoming World Health Day 2018 is going to acknowledge the topic of Universal Health Care. This is an important health care organization system that allows the administration of healthcare to all residents of a country disregarding their financial inabilities and hardships. Premature death and a plethora of treatable illnesses are prevalent among the impecunious this is attributable not only to their poor alimentation and nutrition but also due to the fact that they simply cannot pay for medical treatment to common preventable and curable , health issues such as Influenza, Lower Respiratory Infections, Hepatitis B, Whooping cough and many others because it is not within their financial means. Health is wealth and ¼ Americans reject healthcare because they are not able to pay for it. Imagine how many people in other Countries are perishing due to the same quandary.

Progressing towards Universal Health Care is quite a difficult process that requires extensive support and political engagement from importunate politicians as well as other Health Organizations. Many individuals have never even heard the term “UHC” despite its importance which is precisely the reason why we need to bring awareness to it.

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