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  • Nicole Stetsyuk

Every eighty seconds, a woman dies of cardiovascular disease.

Every eighty seconds, a woman dies of cardiovascular disease. That’s a neighbor, a classmate, a grandmother, an aunt, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife. The good news? We can change that.

February 2nd, 2018 marks the fifteenth annual designated awareness campaign that we know as National Wear Red Day.

The best way to get any message across is with a fashion statement. Not only does it perk the interest of those around you and lead them to ask questions, but it can also prompt the media to step in and try to capture every picture and comment they can.

Especially if celebrities or well-known figures are involved. The movement urges people no matter their walk of life to participate in bringing attention to heart disease and stroke.

On February 2nd, men and women alike wear the color red to broadcast their support of women’s heart health. Heart disease associated most often with men; however, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women. This campaign helps raise funds to improve and further research cardiovascular disease, causes, preventions, and more. In the meanwhile what’s most important for you to do is to take control of your heart health. The four things all women should monitor from time to are cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index. Being aware, informed, and educated can help women and their doctors and specialists determine risks for the possible development of these diseases.

This campaign is ambitious and strong, and for the last fifteen years, it’s been taking beneficial measures to achieve funding goals, furthering research, and spreading awareness to the people around us. This is crucial. Cardiovascular disease takes more than 600,000 lives every year in the United States. That’s one in every four deaths that are caused by cardiovascular disease. Through public awareness and education, we can work to lower the number of deaths. A woman's life depends on it.

If you would like to donate or learn more, you can do so at

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