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Quarantine Depression

As many people are right now depressed for a multitude of reasons. Loss in a job, loss in money, loss in a home, and sadly enough loss in life. Depression is something not to take lightly. Here are some tips to keep your head up in this quarantine year.

  1. Make a list

    1. The best thing I did was make a list of all the things I wanted to do but never had the time to do it during school. Things like movies to watch, albums to listen to, hobbies to follow through to. I personally watched a whole lot of movies and got way into working out, cars, and biking again thanks to this time all to myself.

  1. Friends

    1. Hit up some friends to see if they want to just talk for a while or even play games. A bunch of my old friends talked to me after a few years and it has been great catching up with them. And if your parents will allow having a cool drive by greeting to see your friends again.

  1. Work

    1. This could mean work for a job or even work for college essays, high school essays, and a bunch more. Stay productive is on a lot of peoples minds and if you find something that you need to be done like for me its a bunch of college research get it done, you have all the time in the world to find a good time to get working.

  1. Fitness

    1. Fitness has been key to me as well. It has been what is on a strict schedule for me as I maintain my healthy mindset and a healthy body. Find my other article detailing where to start if you are looking to follow through with this idea.

Now a lot of this has been catered to if you are looking for something to do. But what I noticed by talking to my friends is they feel no motivation for anything. Not even getting up to go cook for themselves. Now it might not be in your face now but I say look for what is needed of you. Your responsibility as a son, daughter, father, mother, or whatever it may be but look for someone, something that you hold responsible for. For me, it is for my family, for my financial stability for me as an aspiring mechanic that gets me out of bed every morning looking for what I am needed next. If you think you are not depended on, you are wrong. You are dependent on yourself. For food, for cleanliness, for health, for happiness, and for so much more. You cannot just leave yourself hanging with a mood of staying in bed all year until you slowly rot. It is your duty to protect yourself and to nurture yourself. Find what makes you happy, stick with it, quarantine is staying for a while might as well get comfortable with your responsibilities for the time being. Good luck on your quarantine journey, stay healthy.


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