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Mixed Race, One Race

In contradiction to the “only one race, no mixed family” idea, National Geographic has released photos that is there to refute this idea. National Geographic has released photos that help us understand what they mean. They say that by 2050, there will be so many diverse families in America that everyone will look different. To the point where everyone looks exotic. Everyone will range from being half asian, half white, to half latino, half black. Everyone will be mixed of every race one can possibly think of., in an article about National geographic and the mixed race, said, “Their numbers will only grow. The U.S. Census Bureau let respondents check more than one race for the first time in 2000 and 6.8 million people did so. By 2010 that figure had increased to nearly 9 million, a spike of about 32%”. This increase of multiracial families might even be a way of ending the superiority of one culture over the other.

The idea that one race is superior over the other is still here in the United States. In a recent high school basketball game in Andrean High School, some students lifted giant Trump faces in the air while screaming “Build that wall”. The opposite team of Andrean High School, the Bishop Noll team from Bishop Noll Institute, is mostly Hispanic as well as the people cheering for them. However, they felt like Trump’s face was not enough to get their point across to the people. They went even further by lifting a Dora the Explorer face, the maid from Family Guy, and the ESPN Deportes sign. Nevertheless, there is an increase of interracial couple who are putting the acts of these kids in vain. These couples are not only proving something, but also ending something. For example, what Trump wants to do with Mexicans and how he wants to kick them out is crazy. In spite of that, there are Mexican white couples. This sort of balances what is happening in the United States with superiority and discrimination. The future interracial couples to come in the future are going to be what unites the United States as a nation.

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