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  • Kavya Seth

Six Seconds Too Late

On Thursday, October 27, Twitter announced it would be shutting down its social media site, Vine. This follows a decline in Vine’s popularity. By the time Twitter announced this decision, many of the most followed Viners had already stopped making vines and moved on to other social media sites.

Why are the top Viners no longer making vines? Because once they got famous enough, their advertising and sponsorship ability became limited. Unlike sites like YouTube that have good avenues for YouTubers to make money with their videos, Viners do not have the same opportunities. This diaspora of popular producers of quality content producers is what caused the decline of the site.

On the consumer side of things, however, many people are disappointed and distraught. Vine was the generator of many popular memes, and many users are sad that the unique 6-second medium of comedy is going away forever. Particularly striking is the fact that the popular phrase “do it for the vine” will become obsolete.


Are you sad or glad that Vine is going away? Share your opinions, as well as your experience with Vine as either a user or content creator with us on Facebook at!

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