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  • Nicole Stetsyuk

Cyber Monday, What is it?

Cyber Monday is a term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. The term "Cyber Monday" was created by companies to persuade people to shop online. People don’t have to leave their homes as Cyber Monday deals are online-only. This makes it much easier for thousands to millions of people interested in taking part on this holiday.

People are saying Cyber Monday might actually be bigger than Black Friday.

According to a recent survey, about 40% of Americans said they will most likely do more shopping on Cyber Monday versus the 39% of people who say they plan on heading to the stores for Black Friday. The biggest reason for this? It’s the packed crowds. Two in three consumers say the discounts are not worth dealing with long lines. Crowds are one of the problems, if not the biggest, during Black Friday shopping. People find it extremely irritating having to spend a majority of their day standing in line during checkout or just to get into the store before it even opens. That is why a majority of shoppers will be doing their product shopping online and Cyber Monday will be a huge shopping day. People are growing more comfortable with phone shopping, however that’s mostly driven by younger shoppers, such as our entire YouthLINE program.

In our recently aired show on Tuesday the 22nd of November, part of our team talked about Black Friday and Cyber Monday giving our viewers several tips and different facts about the two shopping holidays. A few facts we shared included that the day was invented in 2005, and the reason we have it is because many retailers started noticing that online sales skyrocketed the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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