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  • Kavya Seth

Hollywood Sign Vandalized

Early in the morning on New Years, a man named Zachary Cole Fernandez vandalized the "Hollywood" sign, hanging black tarps over the Os to change them into lowercase Es. This comes after the recent legalization of marijuana in California.

However, this isn't the first time this has happened- this isn't even the first time it's been vandalized to say "Hollyweed".

In 1976, Danny Finegood, an art student at Cal State Northridge, changed the sign in the exact same way as part of an art project. Fernandez was actually inspired by him, even writing "A tribute to Mr. Finegood" on one of the Os.

Originally, the police were unable to identify the suspect, as the dark, rainy weather made the security camera footage unclear. They didn't need to wait long, though—9 days later, Fernandez surrendered to the LAPD with his attorney.

Even though he has turned himself into LAPD and is facing charges for misdemeanor trespassing, he has also made over $68,000 in just one day by selling merchandise related to his vandalism.


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