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  • Dexter Hom

Holiday of Inventions

Inventions can change the world. They create easier or more efficient ways of solving problems. To make such inventions, we need inventors to use their imagination and transfer those ideas in real life. Inventions like the lightbulb, penicillin, and smartphones couldn’t have existed without their creators using their imagination to help the world. Inventors are needed to help the world progress. To celebrate their hard work and efforts, Ronald Reagan created the National Inventors Day in 1983. Every February 11th, the U.S. and some countries celebrate its inventors and their ideas and products.

In the U.S., we highlight this day for people like Thomas Edison, Edwin Land, and the Wright Brothers. Their innovations gave us light, reproduced timeless images on paper, and let us fly with birds. Things like these can change the world in the slightest or biggest ways. Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and physicist, created alternating current, which is used in modern electricity supply system and cellular towers for our phones. All of these inventions can help and solve modern problems or even ones in the future.

Although many of these inventions were took ages to become reality, some inventions were made completely on accident. Aside from the year-long projects in which inventors would carefully manufactured like airplanes and lightbulbs, there were cases like Dr. Jonas Salk, who created a vaccine for Polio by accidentally using penicillin on his samples of poliovirus. Because of

this, he had massive quantities of poliovirus to study that sped up his research, allowing him to create a vaccine for Polio in a couple of years. Innovations like this changed people's lives for the better.

Inventors usually work with themselves, making these inventions in labs and basements. When they create their products, most people are often amazed with the invention rather than the person whose idea created it. They see its functions as the primary concern rather than who made it and how. Many of these people are never credited or recognized despite their influential work. We don't even know about people like Alva Fisher, who created the washing machine, yet we use their products nearly everyday We should give credit to these people that changed our daily lives for the better. Because of this, Ronald Reagan stated in 1983 that we should recognize the contribution of inventors in the U.S. and all over the world. He established this holiday as a national day of recognition of innovators. Today, we take this day to commemorate these inventions and their creators that we may take for granted.

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