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  • Dexter Hom

Happy Birthday the iPhone……....Steve Jobs!!!

Picture: Albert Watson

Happy Birthday to the man who created the mobile device that can do everything I need, wherever.

Of course, I’m talking about the iPhone, one of the first commercially successful smart phones of the 21st century. Today we see almost everyone with a smartphone, using them for directions to work or just to play a game. The idea of a cellular phone was not new to people, but having a personal computer wherever you went was. Jobs invested a lot of his time, effort, and money into developing what everyone should know to be the Apple iPhone. Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 and attended Reed College. Although he dropped out after 6 months, he started his own company with Steve Wozniak called Apple that changed our way of using a phone. Being a major stockholder for Pixar and Apple, Steve became very wealthy and continued to fund his companies with ideas. He is credited with revolutionizing the computer market with his contributions to the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Without Jobs, we probably would have never have mobile email or Clash Royale. We could never watch Netflix and Youtube on the go or FaceTime with people halfway across the world. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

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