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  • Dexter Hom

Whose Day? St. Patty's Day

Since we were in preschool, many of us celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing green and pinching those who did not. Throughout the years, St. Patrick’s Day has been a holiday to wear green and consume alcohol. Even though we see this holiday as an unofficial day to pretend to be Irish, there's a lot of history behind it

Source: maxredefault

The man that this day is named after: Saint Patrick, was actually an Irish bishop. He was a Catholic missionary who spread Catholicism to others using a three leaved clover to represent the holy trinity. This is why green and clovers are a common sight as decorations on St. Patrick’s Day. After this, St. Patrick became one of the most known and celebrated bishops and religious figures in Ireland, resulting in the creation of his holiday.


However, in recent years, St Patrick's Day has been more of a way to express stereotypes of Irish culture. Eating corned beef and cabbage and consuming lots of alcohol has become common on St. Patty’s day in the US. Rather than showing Patriotism to Ireland, this day has become a reinforcement of the stereotypes about Irish people in today’s world.

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