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  • Kavya Seth

Alien Abduction Day

March 20 is Alien Abduction Day, or Extraterrestrial Abduction Day for those who want to be fancy. The holiday became popularized by an festival of the same name celebrated in Toronto. The day celebrates alien abduction, and is usually celebrated by those who want to be abducted by aliens. But why would anyone want to be abducted by aliens? And just what occurs in an alien abduction anyways?

Believe it or not, alien abductions have credentials. According to CUFOS, the Center for UFO Studies, a "close encounter" with an extraterrestrial being must fit these criteria to be qualified as an alien abduction:


A person must be taken:

  • Against his or her will

  • From terrestrial surroundings

  • By non-human beings.

These beings must take the person to:

  • An enclosed place

  • Not terrestrial in appearance

  • Assumed or known to be an alien spacecraft by the witness.

In this place, the person must either:

  • Be subjected to an examination,

  • Engage in communication (verbal or telepathic),

  • Or both.

These experiences may be remembered:

  • Consciously

  • Or through methods of focused concentration, such as hypnosis.


Whether or not you want to escape reality literally or just through extraterrestrial entertainment, you can celebrate Alien Abduction Day by watching shows and movies about aliens or alien abduction, like E.T., Men in Black, or The X-Files.


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