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  • Henry Xie

Take Photos with Your Friends

Spring break is a weekend to take time off. For me, I would normally go outside, especially on gloomy days, to take pictures of my friends or models. Depending on the weather I would go to different places. For example, I would pick treasure island for grey, cloudy days and downtown for sunny ones.


When I go out to take pictures, it is usually for the brand I work for. When I take pictures, I use props such as smoke bombs and lights. After taking pictures with my friends, we would go get food at a burger place or a noodle place. We generally get at least four or more people to join us in our fun.

In our group, there would be three models and two photographers. After photoshoot, I go home and import the pictures on Lightroom and Photoshop for editing. I would use different presets for the pictures or make a new one depending on how the pictures work. My Spring Break would consist of shopping, making designs and taking pictures.


Try this routine out yourself!

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