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  • Dexter Hom

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spring is a time of rebirth and experiencing new things. Spring Break is the perfect time to do so many different activities that we would never normally have time to do on a weekday or over the weekend. During the break, many people often spend time with family for Easter. Some people go traveling. For me, I do a bit of both.

I mostly spend time with family and friends for half of the break. Having a whole week to just do whatever we want is great to organize plans with friends or do things with relatives given this amount of time. I usually go get lunch or see movies with friends. With family, I ask relatives that I haven’t seen in a while to be a tourist in my city with my family, to do the things we usually don't have time to do in San Francisco. Things I usually do in the city are go to a museum or go downtown and walk around, looking for restaurants to try.

Other than this, the other half of my Spring Break usually involves doing day trips or traveling to places. Places around the country are good areas to visit as they are close enough to get back home without worrying about time compensation and jet lag. For me, Spring Break is a time to relax with friends and family at home or on a trip. I plan to go out with friends often and do college visits with my parents in SoCal.


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