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  • Yonglin Chen

Write it All

Writing? Why is that important? I know my staff dreads the moment I assign them more articles. Yes, writing long essays may be a drag now, but listen, it has its benefits. Take Encourage a Young Writer Day for example, it’s a day dedicated to inspiring youth to write. On this day, we shine the light on this tedious task of writing. As great as it is to commend adults for typing up their reports and praising them for doing what they’re paid for, it’s even better to applaud the youngsters that are writing.

Here’s a problem that we all encounter when trying to write—writer’s block. I’ve actually heard that the best way of getting over a writer’s block is to keep writing. Similar to artists not knowing what to draw sometimes, great writers don’t always know what to write about. So, remember to be patient with your fellow young people and suggest a topic if they’re having trouble figuring their next award-winning piece.

Just like Dory who wants you to keep swimming, I want you all to keep writing. You are young. You have years ahead of you. Make up silly three-line poems. Write love letters. Start your memoir. Life is all about habit. You start young, and you will continue to the day you die. Although Encourage a Young Writer Day only falls on one day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t spur a child’s love for writing any other day of the year.

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