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  • Dexter Hom

Seasonal Egg Hunting

Waking up and finding candy eggs and money all over the house is exciting to anyone, especially little kids. Especially for me, finding chocolate and dollars in eggs was and still a once-a-year type of fun. On Easter, my parents would hide eggs filled with candy and coins for my brother and I to find.

Many people in the U.S color eggs and celebrate the Easter Bunny and the new season of Spring with Easter. We celebrate this day usually on the first Sunday after the full Moon in March. Lots of us have Easter parties where we have egg hunts with treats as the prize. We also decorate eggs with googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Although we associate this day with sugar and animals, it’s actually the most important holiday for Christians and Christianity.

Easter is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected, three days after he was crucified, what is now called Good Friday. Easter is often celebrated throughout the month of March for Christians with Mardi Gras and Lent preceding it. Over the thousands of years after the formation of this holiday in 30 A.D, different cultures have added their own traditions to this day. From adding the Easter bunny to candy eggs to chicks, Easter has transformed into a holiday for everyone religious or not, but still maintains its strong Christian roots. It's still a day to eat candy eggs and hide eggs for my cousins, but to Christians, it's something deeply important.

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