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  • Ben Wu

Thank you tourists!

Today is the day about you, tourists! Whether you are a world traveler, explorer, roadtrippers or those that are deciding where to go, we salute you! Today is National Tourist Appreciation Day and we’d like to thank you for being here.

Tourists are great for many reasons. Tourists always bring out new visions of our city. They pay close attention to every detail and they like to discover places that are interesting and new. They are curious about everything and would like to try out new things. Tourists also bring in new colors in our community.

Tourism benefits our economic. As of 2016, international arrivals to the U.S are projected to have reached 76.8 million tourists, generating over $2.3 trillions for the US economy. That is averaged at $31,400 every second, $1.9 million every minute, $113.1 million every hour, and $2.7 billion every day. Travel supports more than 15.3 million jobs in the country (8.6 million directly and 6.7 million to other industry). Without tourists and tourism, we would have less jobs, higher taxes, and less of a reason to celebrate our local culture. And you life wouldn’t be as rich without the joy and fulfillment that travel brings to your world.

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