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  • Henry Xie

Quitters Don't Swim, Swimmers Don't Quit

June 24th is Swim a Lap Day. Swimming is a great exercise. The act of swimming works out almost every part of the body such as arms, legs, upper muscles, etc. Swimming can burn a lot of calories since it is cardio; and depending on what swimming style the person prefers, it can help their muscles. This also bring health benefits such as reducing stress and improving posture. A person with arthritis endures less pain while swimming than doing any other exercise. Thanks to buoyancy, the water allows the person to use all his/her muscles without causing further damage to it. Since it’s full body workout, this sport is an excellent for building cardiovascular and respiratory health, because it increases how much oxygen the lungs can take and how much blood the heart can put out on each stroke. So, this summer, go out and swim a lap. Whether you are doing it in celebration of Swim a Lap Day, to take care of your body or just to your heart’s content, jump in the pool and have some fun!

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