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This past Thursday, Spain was the victim of a terror attack wounding more than 100 people and killing 14 others. Five suspects were killed as they tried to carry out a second terrorist attack in a nearby city. Currently, the location of the driver of the white van who ran over a huge crowd of people in Barcelona just a couple of days ago remains unknown.

Currently the search for the perpetrators continues as Spanish police search for Moussa Oukabir, a citizen of both Morocco and Spain and three others. His brother Driss Oukabir who was also involved was taken into custody on Thursday.

According to the Spanish media, the brother who is now in custody, told police that his brother Moussa (17 years old) may have stolen his ID. The renter name listed on the rental papers of the white van used to plow through a crowd of people was under Driss Oukabir, the brother in custody. Moussa Oukabir lived in the North of Barcelona and does not have a police record. Police report that they believe the attack is the work of an organized group of terrorists that acted after their original plan to carry out a bombing was ruined.

Reports from Spanish Police confirm three parts of Eastern Spain are the target points of their investigation and tat events in each of them are linked: Las Ramblas in Barcelona; the town of Cambrils, where a second vehicular attack took place; and Alcanar, where an explosion killed one person Wednesday night.


VIDEO HAS GRAPHIC CONTENT. ***This video was sent to a member of the YL team from a friend who was live at the scene during the time of the attack

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