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Meow or Never

You’ve heard of all the special cafes in Japan including cat cafes, dog cafes, basically any kind of cafe you can think of, but have you heard of KitTea?


KitTea is the first cat cafe established in the nation, here in San Francisco! With a cat and tea lounge, you can either make a reservation to interact with the cats in the cat lounge or to sit in the tea lounge where you can see the cats at a marble viewing bar. KitTea is also partnered with San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control, Toni’s Kitty Rescue, and Wonder Cat Rescue to feature adoptable rescue cats in the cat lounge!

I recently made reservations as a present for my best friend’s birthday. We naturally had a great time, as we love cats and do not have cats of our own. For an hour, we played with several cats in the cat lounge where we were served unlimited refills of Japanese tea. It was overall a very enjoyable experience to destress and interact with cats! At the end of the hour, we stayed in the lobby looking at cute cat merchandise and ended up buying souvenirs to remember our experience. The visits are a bit expensive, but I would definitely recommend it if you are feeling a bit stressed or in need of a cuddly companion.


KitTea also offers many other activities to enjoy with the kitties. These include:

Cat Lounge Visit (1 Hour) - $25

“Happy Meowr” Cat Lounge Visit - $15

“Cats on Mats” Yoga With Cats - $34

“Mewvie Night” in the Cat Lounge - $44

“Caturday Morning Cartoons” in the Cat Lounge - $29.95

Live in the Meow: Cat Behavior Class - $35

Weekdays - $20

Weekends - $25

You can make a reservation now on their website, listed below.

96 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 658-7888

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