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  • Nicole Stetsyuk

Join The Wizarding World

Have you heard the news? The brand new mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has finally arrived! It takes you through a set plot line that varies and splits off with the more choices you take. You can finally go through Hogwarts as a student, rather than a character like in their previous games. And it's really all up to you! From choosing your character's name and looks to what house you join. And you even get to meet friends and new characters as well as ones from the books like Bill Weasley and Tonks! So if you're a big Harry Potter, or even if you're not (although it won't make too much sense if you've never read the books) why not embark on your own magical journey?

Felix Felicis! (Good Luck!)

"Bottled good fortune. Brewed correctly the drinker of this potion will be lucky in all their endeavors, but be warned … excessive consumption is highly toxic and can cause extreme recklessness..." —Zygmunt Budge

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