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  • Alexandra Roger

How Pride Came To Be (The History)

Pride is an annual LGBTQ (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender,Queer) parade that usually takes place in June or surrounding months, this is to pay tribute to an event that took place on June 28th of 1969 in New York. This event is more commonly known as the Stonewall Riots which were impetuous and agitated acts carried out by members of the LGBTQ community in opposition to a police raid that took place in stonewall inn (a Gay club in Manhattan) hence the name Stonewall Riots. The riot is universally acknowledged as a critical event that would eventually lead up to the Gay liberation movement.

The first pride was a coordinated parade which was named the Christopher Street Liberation Day March and took place in 1970 in the areas surrounding Greenwich Village and Central Park in New York . Soon enough other Cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington hopped on the bandwagon.

The majority of Pride events include dances, rallies, concerts, and of course many colorful rainbow flags which are meant to emulate the diversity of the community as well as signify peace. There are people from a plethora of gay organizations, politicians, asserting Religious groups (pro LGBTQ). However Many people that attend are entirely nude and engage in public obscenities which is something to keep in mind when bringing very young children.

Pride is Important because it Commemorates an event that allowed the LQBTQ community to experience liberation. It helps fight discrimination, homophobia, and violence towards them. The community feels like they can freely promote their equality, rights, and self assertion. It also allows members of society to view the LGBTQ community as they should be viewed, as regular people that help constitute a more diverse world. Everybody should be treated equally and in the millenial generation peoples perceptions on Gay Pride and the LGBTQ community have drastically changed (In a very positive manner) from previous years.

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